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Integrating Standards Start Page

Welcome to the expanded Integrating Standards website.

This website provides clear and useful resources for integrating Texas graduation standards into non-standard settings.

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Special Education contains the downloadable Framework for Integrating Graduation Standards and 6 hour adult driver education course, a discussion forum, calendar of events, and other downloadable curriculum resources.

Alternative Learning Programs contains the downloadable Guidebook for Integrating Texas Graduation Standards and Alternative Programs and other useful links for alternative education providers.

Career and Technical Education provides the Guidelines for Addressing Standards in Career and Technical Education.

Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD) contains lesson plans, assessments and other resources covering Community Participation, Home Living / Daily Living and Recreation and Leisure.

Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) focuses on identifying and field testing curriculum aligned with the graduation standards in four instructional areas: Social Studies, Science, Math, and Arts and Literature.

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Standards in a Changing World
We can count on standards changing.  The Texas State Legislature is currently debating alternative standards for our educational system.  The fact that standards change, however, does not lessen our need to consider them in our curriculum planning.

The Process Will Not Change
Even though standards will change, the systematic way we think about them will not. The process for considering how standards affect curriculum remains constant.


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Lesson plans and curriculum designed specifically for EBD student populations are now available for free download!

High School Social Studies: Diverse Perspectives
This six part lesson teaches critical thinking and analytical skills by looking at diverse perspectives related to historical events in US history or current issues/events in the world today.

High School Literature and Arts Analysis
This unit on literature analysis includes four lessons of activities. Teachers may view the unit activities/products as a menu of options. Choose the activities and assignments that fit for your students, your curriculum and time frame. Each lesson may take several days.

High School Career Investigation
This unit gives students the opportunity to choose a career and create a career path through informed decision-making. Students begin the unit exploring their own interests, values, and skills through individual writing, completing three self-assessment inventories, and participating in discussions. Students also investigate work they are interested in pursuing and compare the characteristics of their chosen career to their personal qualities, talents and skills. Students can then create a career action plan and a personal portfolio to utilize for future education goals and their job search.

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